What is link building for SEO and how does it work?

“Link building is an SEO technique to increase ranking on search engine”.

Because search engines use links as the primary way to determine the relevance of the page. A large number of links indicate that the content on the website is valuable. Therefore, to make your website more visible, use internal and external links. These links also help search engines to crawl your web pages.

Moreover, link building is an activity of promoting your website on another website to get a secure link to your web page. So, to increase traffic to your site from searches, you need to get backlinks consistently from high-authority websites.

In simple words, we can say that you need link building. There are no hard and fast rules to get backlinks. You need to have social and communication skills, consistency, and creativity.

However, getting links from other sites direct the traffic to your website directly.  Links are also valuable for marketing purposes.  A link is considered a vote of confidence from other websites.  Every link creates a positive relationship.

Links are very significant to increase traffic on any website. They are vital for organic traffic. A website without links does not get any authority. If you want to make your website authoritative, you need to create links.   

There are some factors that determine the benefit of links for ranking. These factors include:  

Global popularity

The sites which are famous and authoritative get more links. For example, Wikipedia is at the top search in many subjects because many websites link to it.

 Local popularity

Local popularity helps to get inbound links. These links come from similar (niche-related) sites. Because search engines pay more attention if the link is relevant to the website. For example, if your site is related to machines then a link from a similar site is more beneficial. The unrelated link is useless. Google will not take it into account for link building.  

Anchor text

Anchor text is much important while creating links. A suitable anchor text helps the readers to tell which information they are going to read. When someone links to your cloth store using “cloth store” as the hypertext, it gives a signal to search engines that your website is a good resource for clothes. This anchor text must not be repeated again and again in content because it looks spammy.

Link context

Sometimes people get links from unrelated topics which is not good practice. It shows that the link is not valuable and is placed only for SEO purposes. So, the links are only important when they are related to the topic for link building.  

Link authority

The authority of a website has a great impact on the power of links. Therefore, the links from high-authority websites are more powerful than less authoritative websites. The link from a website that has 30+ DA is more valuable. These sites are more reputable and are mostly approved by Google news. This is also a search engine’s ranking factor.

link building factors

Links are very significant for the existence of the website. In fact, links are the web that connects millions of websites to one another. Therefore, we can say that links create an interconnected web.

Now, we discuss the value of link building for marketers and businesses.

Links are the primary source of navigation to direct the users from one website to another. The links are a signal of authority and trust for any website. Google considers a link as a vote of confidence and uses them for authority, relevancy, and trust. 

Anyhow, there are many other benefits of link building e.g. creating an audience, and developing relationships, for marketing and SEO.

There are two ways to create links for your site: external and internal. External links are difficult to gain because they come from other websites. Therefore, most people get links through guest posting. Guest posting is a free or paid method to get backlinks for your website. You can get backlinks by paying other website owners.

However, internal links are easy to develop. And, you can create good, relevant internal links. These internal links help to increase dwell time. The whole process takes very little time. Anyhow, you need to plan carefully to increase the use of internal links. The proper placed internal links boost SEO for your website.

What is deep linking?

Deep linking is a type of internal linking that refers to linking the pages other than the homepage and contact page. Make sure that every page of your website is reachable at least by one anchor text. For this, you need to increase the internal link building to the relevant posts and pages. The other pages of the website should be easily accessible by the users.

If your website is an online store, then a blog can help to link specific pages and products. Also, link from social media platforms.

To gain the external link, make a strategy and develop powerful content. You can also contact bloggers and ask them to give links to your site. Anyhow, never use black hat SEO techniques. These techniques increase the spam score of your website.


To sum up, link building is very significant for any website if used effectively. Create both internal and external links for your site. These links can help to increase authority and traffic to your site. While creating links, never forget to follow the factors discussed earlier. Don’t use spammy websites or black hat SEO techniques.