How to Increase Domain Authority without backlinks?

Do you know how to increase domain authority? If not then don’t worry. In this article, I will tell you some interesting and effective ways to increase the domain authority of your website. You should remember that it is a long-term strategy. You can’t increase domain authority in a very short time. It will take some time to boost. You can check out the complete study here.

Backlinks play a very significant role in the improvement of domain authority. Getting high-quality backlinks is also an important ranking factor. Research by Ahreff shows that 55% of websites don’t get organic traffic until they don’t acquire backlinks. Therefore, it is necessary to get high-quality backlinks to increase the domain authority of your website.

There are many ways through which you can generate backlinks for your profile. You can start link-building by your top referral sources and similar sites for backlinks. You can use Monster Insight to uncover inbound link sources. It’s the WordPress plugin and exhibits detailed reports on your dashboard.

Top 10 Referrals


Another way to get backlinks is to check your competitor’s backlink and then acquire those backlinks from the same sites. You can also get backlinks through guest posting. If you want to use guest posting you can check websites here for guest posting.

Another important that plays role in the improvement of domain authority is killer content. If you are writing very interesting content then there are chances of getting backlinks from other sites. So, for this purpose, you need to create killer content that is link-worthy.

If people find your content trustworthy and valuable, they will share it on other sites and social media platforms. When other people read your content, they would like to link their sites to your website.

It will boost your domain authority when you get links from different sites. All these links will contribute to increasing your domain authority. For this purpose, you can create different types of content such as articles, blogs, infographics, slides, news, and more.

No doubt, backlinks are important for DA and ranking but bad links can harm your website. Links from spammy websites are dangerous and can decrease your website’s domain authority. In some cases, it can lead to penalties from search engines.

Therefore, you should audit your website to remove such toxic links immediately from your site. You can use different SEO tools to find and remove these harmful links. If you face any problem, you can use Google Search Console to ignore those links. In this way, Google’s crawler will not take into account these types of spammy links when indexing.

Optimize Website Structure & User Experience

The Website’s structure and user experience are very important factors for domain authority. If your site has a good structure then the search engine can crawl easily your web pages and index them on search results. You can create a sitemap in WordPress to help search engines for crawling. A sitemap contains all important web pages and assists Google to navigate your site with ease.

For making your website user-friendly you need to focus on mobile optimization. Google looks at your site as mobile-friendly at first. It checks how well your site performs on mobile. Therefore, your website should load quickly on mobile.

Your site should be safe. To make your website safe, you can get an SSL certificate and move to HTTPS.

Another important way to improve domain authority is to focus on internal linking. Links directing to informative pages can reduce the bounce rate and keep visitors engaged. Internal links also help crawlers to index your site. The benefit of internal linking is to pass link juice from one page to other. You can use plugins like All in One SEO to improve internal linking.

All these strategies collectively help to increase domain authority.