SEO Techniques in Digital Marketing

seo techniques in digital marketing
Advanced SEO Techniques in 2022

SEO techniques in digital marketing

When you are competing with your competitors, you need to know some SEO techniques in digital marketing to become successful. These advanced SEO techniques will drive your business, increase organic search and lead your company to the next level.

It means that learning these techniques is advantageous for you. Here you will learn the most suitable and multi-dimensional strategies to boost your ranking.

As the name shows that keywords about journalism are searched by journalists. You have to find the current hot topics related to journalism and provide the maximum information about them. The reason is that journalists go through search engines to get the latest stats and make a comprehensive report by finding authentic data. If you design your content around this keyword then, there are chances of getting ranked on search engines.

Use animated images

Recent researches show that the time on site is a very important factor of Google ranking. To improve time on site, you should use animated images. GIF images can also be used. It has been observed that most people do not skip these types of images and spend some time taking a short look at them. This is one of the best SEO techniques in digital marketing.

Develop content hubs

If you have content hubs, then you will get 30% of traffic from these hubs. A content hub is basically mini Wikipedia on any topic. There should be multiple entries in the content hub. Each entry will reflect a new article. These articles should not be written as a general blog post. The reason is that if a user searches for any topic, the user will not want to know your opinion about it. Instead, they will need to know what it is and why it is important. The entries in the content hub are designed around the keyword which is being searched.

Upgrade existing content

It may be easy to create new content for your website but it should be remembered that many websites need to upgrade their existing content first. When you write new content, it may take time to rank. On the other hand, if you modify your existing content then there are more chances to win quickly for both ranking and drive traffic.

Now the question is from where to begin modifying content? Look for opportunities to make better your existing content by considering two things: trending topics and data from the Google search console.

Make topic clusters

If you are not working on topic clusters, then you are going the wrong way. First of all, you need to know about the topic cluster. A topic cluster is a group of content that is designed about a certain topic and links to a pillar page. Basically, you have to write multiple articles around a single topic and provide maximum information. This is also known as programmatic SEO. Very few people know about this.

For this purpose, you can go through answer the public to get maximum topics and keywords relevant to the targeted topic. The next thing which should be considered is to create internal links as many as possible. Link all the articles to each other so that if the user reads your article he will get all the information in a single place.

Topic cluster of SEO

Target comparison keyword

Another efficient SEO technique in digital marketing is keyword comparison. Keyword comparisons are like content marketing vs SEO, iPhone vs Android, or web-flow vs WordPress.

Why target comparison keywords are important?

First of all, remember that comparison keywords are always relatively advanced. For example, a user search “content writing technique” on Google is probably new to content writing. But if a user search “content writing vs content marketing” it means that he/she has knowledge of content writing. Here the user just wants to decide which will be good for him.

The plus point of the comparison keyword is that these words have low competition. Let’s have a look at keyword competition.

 Tip: Create content around “you vs competitor”.

Optimize Your Content For Keyword Relevance

You already recognize that there’s additional to on-page SEO than cramming a keyword into your page 187 times. In fact, Google’s “How Search Works” document explains that they give the impression of being at “quantifiable signals to assess relevance”.

Specifically, Google needs to envision relevant content on the subject that page covers.

One strategy is to incorporate LSI keywords on your page.

When you do, you’ll explain to Google that your page is extremely relevant for that question.

Which can offer you higher rankings for your target keyword. And assist you rank for additional keywords. If you write in-depth content you’ll most likely use plenty of those LSI keywords mechanically.

But you would like to countercheck, there are unit tools out there (like Clearscope and natator SEO) that may assist you to notice the proper LSI keywords to incorporate in your content. These tools work just about an equivalent way: they scan content that already ranks for your keyword. And they rise terms that those pages use most frequently.

Create a Comments Section On Your Blog

Comments can help your SEO for three reasons: Comments provide context and relevance for your content, allowing search engines to better index it and return it in search results. Also, if a post receives a lot of comments, this is a signal to Google that the content is popular – and therefore valuable – so they may move you up in rankings as a result. Finally, having different people comment on your blog will not only increase the number of backlinks but also increase the number of social shares across platforms- all of which improve SEO.

Comments are the number one way that people interact with your blog, and they can help your SEO and search traffic. Comments not only help you create informative, engaging content, but they also drive more traffic to your blog, since commenter will often share their comment on other sites, helping to drive referral traffic.

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