Top 10 Free Small SEO Tools in 2022

small seo tools in 2022
Free Small SEO tools

Free small SEO tools are very important to boost your ranking and organic traffic on Google and Bing. Here you will learn about:

Small SEO tools

Tools for new keywords

Tools to check backlinks

There are many small SEO tools available but all tools are not authentic and reliable. If you don’t want to waste your time then learn these best free SEO tools in 2022.

Google Page Speed Insight (Small SEO tools)

It is used to check the speed of your website on different devices. Simple copy your website URL and paste here. This tool will tell you about the loading time and performance of your website. After checking it grades your website between 0-100. It also suggests areas to improve. This tool has no limit. You can also use Pingdom, website test, and GTMetrix for this purpose.

Google page speed insight

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool  

This tool is very efficient and provides you technical audit report of your website. You just need to sign up for this and verify your site. You can audit your website for more than 100 SEO issues. This tool also helps you to fix the problems. Through this tool, you can identify those areas where you need to improve internal linking. Internal linking is very useful to boost your ranking in search engines. You can also check keyword ranking.

Ahref webmaster tool

Answer the Public (Small SEO tools) 

This small SEO tool is very interesting and helpful to find keyword ideas from a single word. It has limitations of two searches per day. You just need to put a word and Answer the Public will provide you a huge collection of keywords related to that word. You will get short and long-tail keywords. It allows you to download an excel file of keywords.

Answer the public

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the great free small SEO tools. It is used to check web stats and search insights. It tells about every bit of traffic that you receive. This tool is not for SEO purposes but still, it is very helpful to track your site. You can link Google analytics with Keyword hero to check on which keyword you are getting traffic.

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

This tool is used for constant website analysis, alerts, and reports. Google search console gives you an idea of what search engine thinks about your site. You can use these small SEO tools to detect and solve issues. You will see data clicks, impressions, and average ranking position.

Google Search Console

It is a small SEO tool and unlimited to use. Simply sign in to Gmail. Put your word and select the countries where you want to check the search volume. This tool provides you with different keyword ideas with their search volume. Even you can check the search volume of keywords in a specific country or region. It also tells you about the rate of keywords for Google Ads.

Google keyword research

This tool is used to check the search popularity of topics. It displays the popular search terms over different times. It exhibits variation in search popularity among different things. You can check various trends in different countries at different times.

Google trend


Mozbar is used to check the authority of your site. It tells about your website’s domain authority and page authority. You can also check backlinks through this free SEO tool. You just need to sign up through Email.


Yoast SEO

Yoast is a very efficient free SEO tool. Most admins of WordPress websites use this tool to check SEO parameters. This tool tells about some SEO parameters which should be considered while posting content on your site. It highlights the missing things like internal and external links. It also tells about keyword density, use of active and passive voice, and metatags. You can optimize your content through this free SEO tool.

Yoast SEO

This free Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker exhibits 100 top backlinks to any website or URL. It also tells about the total number of backlinks Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR) where applicable.

A great way to use this tool is to paste your competitor’s website and find potential link-building opportunities.

Ahref’s backlink checker

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