Create a Successful Account on People Per Hour

how to create account on people per hour

People per hour is one of the best freelancing platforms which welcomes freelancers and clients from all over the world. Freelancers earn a handsome amount on this website. This website offers different categories like technology, business, content writing, search engine optimization, and many more.

But the problem is most of the new freelancers face difficulty to create a successful account on people per hour. It charges 13$ for approval of the profile or takes seven days to check the profile. If it matches their requirements and guidelines then they accept it, otherwise reject it. Today I will show step by step how you can create a successful account on people per hour.

1st Step

Open the website and click on sign up.

create successful account on people per hour

2nd Step

In the next step, you will see two options. One is for freelancers and the other is for clients who want to hire freelancers. You have to select work as a freelancer as shown in the screenshot. After selecting it, you will see another two options to sign up. One is through Facebook and the other is through Email. I recommend Email signing up.

3rd Step

In the third step, you will be asked to write your first and second name, Email address, and password. Write your name according to your ID card. Give an Email address and choose a strong password that comprises alphabets, symbols, and numbers.

4th Step

A message will be shown on the screen that an Email has been sent on your Email ID. Activate your account through Email.

5th Step

Open your Email and activate your account. Once again you will be asked to write your Email ID and password and sign in.

6th Step

Now a screen will show you two options. One is fast track and the second is basic. Fast track will charge you 13$ to skip the queue and approve your profile while in basic you will have to wait for 7 days. We will go with basic.

7th Step

You will see this screen. Click on complete now under complete your profile.

8th Step

Upload your profile picture and cover photo. Make sure its size is less than 1 Mb. Write your job title. Here you have to write about your skills and the services which you will provide.

9th Step

You have an option to write a maximum of 15 skills. Write the most relevant skills to your work. After that, write your comprehensive bio. Your bio should include your introduction, qualification, experience, time of delivery, etc. Add a portfolio if you have anyone. If you don’t have then leave it blank.

10th Step

In the last step, your location will be selected itself. You need to write about languages, industry expertise, and your active mobile number. After writing these details save this information. You will receive an Email very soon about the approval of your profile.

Important Note:

There are ten steps to create a successful account on people per hour. Provide your genuine information while creating an account, otherwise, you could face problems in identity verification in the future. Follow these steps one by one and create your successful profile.

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