Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2022

digital marketing strategies
Top 10 digital marketing strategies

Looking for business marketing strategies to grow your business and revenue? I have designed this post to explore the top 10 marketing tactics for businessmen to find the best solutions to business problems. Are you enthusiastic to know about the thinking of professionals for marketing strategies?

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This strategy focuses on education to attract the buying behavior to sell products and services. Content marketing emphasizes the creation of well-designed information and descriptions to influence the customers so that they may take interest or purchase your product and services.

The information about your product can be spread in various formats. For this purpose, you can use videos, blogs, newspapers, podcasts, articles, infographics, white papers, webinars, etc. Content should be designed around the product in such a way that it reflects the solution of problems, creates curiosity in the buyer’s mind, and ultimately leads to the purchase.

When you are creating content for your product, never compromise on the quality of content.  

 Content marketing is effective because it:

Attract people to enhance the sale

Improves brand visibility and credibility

Target the market with relevant information


Inbound marketing is the most effective marketing strategy to attract customers, involve them and make them happy. It is a type of marketing that draws potential customers in, instead of marketers having to go out to get prospects’ attention.

Inbound marketing earns the attention of the customers and makes the company easy to be found. It draws customers to the website by producing interesting content. Unlike other marketing strategies, an inbound marketing strategy attracts customers to the website with the help of powerful, interactive, engaging, and valuable content.

It is effective because it:

Can be used for every type of business

Create more information about the product

Improve the CRM & CMS system

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, everyone is using social media and spends most of their time on different social media platforms. It provides us information and enjoyment as well as the opportunity to sell your products and services on these platforms.

If you have good followership then you can convert them into your customers and earn good revenue from it. Social media marketing focuses on providing valuable content across all social networks and helps to improve website visibility. For this purpose you can use Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linked In, Twitter, etc.

Why use Social media strategy?

It is efficient because it:

Minimizes the expenses and increase real traffic

Provide the metrics

Humanizes brands and increase CTR

Note: 82% of marketers use Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Youtube.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the top leading strategy among all digital marketing strategies. It is employed to make sure the presence of the website on top pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO also increases the traffic with unpaid methodology.

SEO is accomplished by various techniques that are utilized together to get a valuable output. The other strategies create website visitors but still SEO much important as all search engines navigate the internet.

SEO is attractive because it:

Helps to get ranked on 1st page of search engine

Increases domain authority

Generates organic traffic

Improves local SEO

Make you competitive with effective cost

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / PPC

Search engine marketing is a strategy that is being used by companies to boost their website traffic through paid advertisement. PPC is the most popular method that companies are using.

In this type of marketing, companies buy “sponsors” and an ad is run on search engine results when a specific keyword is searched that is relevant to their business. A sponsored company pays on each click when clicked by the user. That’s why it is called pay per click (PPC).

SEM/PPC is efficient because it:

Reach to more people

Cost-effective in improving web-presence

Can be used for multiple markets and audience


The main difference between SEM and SEO is that search engine marketing focuses on getting traffic through organic and paid methods while search engine optimization focuses to attract traffic to the website only through organic search results. The overall purpose of both strategies is to increase website traffic, domain authority, and ranking.

sem vs seo
Difference between SEM and SEO

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) & Retargeting

This is a B2B marketing strategy that is employed by companies by setting up targets. This strategy is highly personalized and has a lot of advantages. These advantages may include faster sales, cost efficiency, and better use of marketing resources.

It should be remembered that ABM is not like an outbound marketing strategy. It is a much-advanced method, more strategic and retargets the persons. In this strategy, companies use cookies-based technology to know who visited their sites and left before finishing the conversion.

It is useful to:

Recapture the attention of the user

Produce high click-through rate

Tailors messages itself