Google Photo Portrait Blur Feature Update (March) 2022

Google’s new feature of portrait blur

Google’s new feature of portrait blur will be available soon on the Google android app. This feature will be able to blur the background of images of pets, flowers, sceneries and your own pictures. This is one of the updates of Google that will come soon.

It will help modify Google TV, a new screen time, a widget and Google board which will improve your grammar. Google photos has been effective in blurring the background of image of different people in the past. Now this feature will be available with some new modifications and more effective for pixels and G1 subscriber.  

The grammar correction feature of Google (Gboard) has been looking for a broader rollout for pixel phones. This feature is very helpful to improve your grammar and make your writing more effective. You can understand and highlight your mistakes.

According to Google, this feature checks the grammar mistake. Now Gboard is being updated with 2000 additional emojis which connects two emojis in a single sticker. These stickers can be posted on different chatting/messaging apps.