How to get Google featured snippet?

Google featured snippet
How to get Google featured snippet

The featured snippet is a feature of Google in which it shows a relevant piece of information highlighted in an article. Before this, when a user searched something on Google, it showed a complete article. The user had to read the whole article to get information. In the featured snippet,  it provides the most relevant information to the user which is brief and authentic.

This is a tricky method that can help you to get more traffic on Google. I have tried and got the result instantly. Today (16 March 2022) I am going to tell you the strategy for getting your content in snippets.

Strategy to get snippet

The strategy is very simple and effective. Many users search for differences between two things on Google to know that which is better. For this purpose, they can use two strings “product vs product” or “difference between product and product”.

So in this strategy, we will write an article on the topic of “difference between two things”. The things may be according to your choice or we can select through keyword research. Google keyword planner is the best option for this. Look at these examples.


Screenshot from Google Keyword planner
Screenshot from Google Keyword Planner
Screenshot from Google Keyword planner

Start your article with “The main difference between”. Google is getting these types of paragraphs for snippets that start with that phrase.

Here are some examples of the featured snippet which start from “The main difference between”.

Difference between will and would

Try this strategy you will get results definitely. It will increase your traffic 500 times.

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