Google Word Coach Vocabulary Builder Game – A Fun Word Game

Learning something new is always fun for people. Google has introduced a “Google word coach” to learn a new language. This is just like a game. Therefore, people take interest in it. This is one of the best ways to improve your English language, vocabulary, and grammar. The learning process will be fun for you if you use it.

When someone searches a word or phrase to check its meaning, the game pop up on SERP. Do you know about this game? Here, I am going to tell you about “Google word coach” and how it works.

What is Google Word Coach?

First of all, you should know “what is Google word coach?” Basically, it is a web-based game that helps to explore new words and improve your language in an engaging way. Google has developed this game for users to polish their English language skills.

If you are not a native English speaker and want to learn this language, then this game is best for you. However, if you are good at English speaking, The word coach even makes your language more creative in a funny way. It will make your language more productive and professional.

When someone searches translation of any word, Google displays the results and a quiz pops up. You will also see it if you type “word coach” in the Google search bar. If you want to play this game, you’ll have to answer a few MCQs. These MCQs may be about synonyms and antonyms.

The most interesting thing about Google word coach is its newness. Google maintains its newness through its algorithm. Currently, this game is only for the English language however Google may introduce it in various languages in the future.  

Google’s Spokesperson Comment

Google launched “The Google word coach” in February 2018, for those countries where English is not the mother language like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. The comment of Google’s spokesperson is quoted below:

“Google Word Coach is a game designed to expand English-language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. It appears under dictionary and translates boxes or when someone searches for ‘Google Word Coach’ in Google. The word coach launched in non-English speaking countries. It may come to other countries and languages in the future.”

The interesting element of this vocabulary-building game is players earn points when they answer correctly. If your answer is wrong, it tells you why your answer is wrong.

How to Open Google’s Word Coach?

There are two ways to open the word coach. I have discussed both of them.

  1. Simply type “Google word coach” or “word coach” in the search engine. You can also use this game on your smartphone.
  2. Type any English word for meaning on the Google search engine. The word coach game will display the meaning or dictionary box. The game will display under the translation or dictionary boxes in the SERP.

So, these are two ways to open it on your chrome and start playing. After making some scores, you can share them on social media accounts by clicking on “Share”. You will lose the scores after closing your browser.

How to Play this Quiz Game

This game is very easy. You don’t have any training or practice to play this game. Just follow the given steps below.

Open the game and pass the different rounds of questions. Each round consists of five questions.

Each question has two options and you have to pick one of them. The options can be two words or two images. Google word coach mostly asks about synonyms, antonyms, image identification, and definitions.

You can skip a question if you don’t know the correct answer. The level of difficulty depends on where you start a game.

After answering the question, click on the next button to see more questions.