How to Use Drop a Pin in Apple Maps on iPhone

If you want to mark any specific location to get directions, you should save it to your favorite list. Share this location with others and drop a pin on that location in Apple Maps on your iPhone. Here, I’ll show you how to drop a pin.

Drop a pin for location in Maps on iPhone

Step 1: To start, launch the maps app on your Apple iPhone. In the app, go to your location where you want to drop a pin.  

Step 2: After finding the location, tap and hold on to that location on a map.

Step 3: iPhone map will drop a pin on the specified location.

Step 4: If you think that the specified location is not correct, you can edit the location by the button “edit location”.

You can see the satellite view of the map on the iPhone. You can drag the pin to the exact position where you want.  After dragging to a specific position, tap “Done”.

Your pin represents the accurate location where you want. If you like to get directions to that location, then from the “Marked Location” section, select “Directions.”

You can save your pinned location in your favorite list by the “Marked Location” menu. In the same way, you can share the pin’s location with a user by tapping the “Share” button. To remove any location from the list, tap on “Remove”.

That’s it. You can use drop a pin on iPhone by following the above guidelines. Enjoy!

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