How to Use the Spotify Web Player? Ultimate Guide

Spotify Web Player is one of the most popular streaming and podcast players in the world. The main reason for its popularity is the availability of the Spotify app. It is available on all electronic machines like phones, tablets, iPad, computers, and web browsers.

The interesting thing about the Spotify website player is its functions same as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The background music runs on the back when you will need to keep the tab open. This thing makes it outstanding among other web players.

What is Spotify Web Player?

The Spotify web player is an online web player. It allows you to stream music and podcasts on your web browser. Spotify website player is available on multiple devices. You can use it on android, Mac, iPhone, and tablets. Different web browsers allow the working of Spotify including Google, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and many other browsers.

Screenshot from spotify

Almost all devices like Apple’s Mac and PCs are compatible with Spotify player. So, we can say that any device can stream music and podcasts through this web player.

Log in to the Spotify web player

You need to have log-in credentials with you if you want to use the Spotify web player via the internet. There are two options available for new users: free and premium.

  • Begin with the browser on your computer and connect to your Spotify website Player.
  • Click on the Login button on the upper right side of the website.
  • If you don’t have an account, you can simply click “Join Spotify” to create your account.
  • After logging in to your account, you will see the main interface for Spotify.
  • You are now ready to play your favorite music.

How to Launch the Spotify Web Player?

The Spotify website player is not only available at, you can find it on other websites also. To download or install this web player on the desktop machine, simply go to on Google, Mozilla, Safari, or any other search engine.

Spotify player works on Google chrome, especially on Android. On iPhone and iPad, it works on safari. Anyhow, the mobile web player is not much reliable as the Spotify website player. So you should use chrome or safari for this web player.

How to Use the Spotify Web Player?

The use of the Spotify website player is very easy. Its use is just like desktop apps. To search for music and podcasts, use the “search” tab. This tab is available on the left sidebar.

If you want to create your own playlist, click on “create playlist” on the left side. You can also edit details by clicking on a three-dot button. Bring up the menu for any song to add to the playlist.

You can also get recommendations and pre-made playlists in the “Made for You” section.

How to Unblock the Spotify Web Player

There is no benefit to the Spotify website player if it is blocked by the employer or not allowed in your country. At that time, you need to unblock it immediately. There are some geo-restrictions due to which you can’t use Spotify in some countries.

To unblock the web player, you can use VPN. It is the best option in this situation. A VPN helps you to connect to a server from other locations and remove the restrictions. You can use Spotify with full features with the help of a VPN. There are hundreds of VPNs available on the internet. You can use anyone that has a good rating and fast speed.  

Advantages of Spotify web player

There are some advantages of using the Spotify website player. You can spend more time using the Spotify application. Here are some benefits of Spotify player.

Ability to carry your music anywhere.

The portability of Spotify is its main benefit of it. Normally, we play music on our mobile, desktop computer or tab, etc. In Spotify web player, we can access our playlist anywhere in the world.

Free up space on your Mac.

If you’re an expert with data storage and would like to have a few gigabytes wasted as you can, Web player can help you to free up space on your Mac.

Block ads.

The free Spotify account runs with visual and audio ads. Many people use an ad blocker with a free account to get access to multiple music files.

How to Block Ads on Spotify Web Player?

Most people don’t like ads on web players. You can block ads on the Spotify web player easily. There are some extensions in the chrome web store. You can add any one of them to block ads. Here are three simple steps to block ads. 

Step 1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search Spotify Ads blocker.

Step 2.  Add the extension in chrome. Then, open your Spotify website player.

Step 3. No ad will run after adding an extension while playing music on the web player.