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Visa and Mastercard face class action in the UK

  UK law firm Harcus Parker has launched a class action against payments giants Visa and Mastercard. The class action seeks to recover millions of pounds in damages for UK businesses. That has been affected by excessive fees imposed by Visa and Mastercard. Excessive fees for credit and debit card transactions Law firm Harcus Parker has brought charges against Visa and Mastercard. Claiming that they have breached EU competition rules by charging excessive fees for credit and debit card transactions. These transaction fees are imposed on merchants who accept card payments. And are often passed on to consumers in the form of additional fees. Charges against Visa and Mastercard refer to these transaction fees as "hidden taxes", as consumers are often not inf...
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2022

Top 10 digital marketing strategies Looking for business marketing strategies to grow your business and revenue? I have designed this post to explore the top 10 marketing tactics for businessmen to find the best solutions to business problems. Are you enthusiastic to know about the thinking of professionals for marketing strategies? Here I have found the best content for you. Let’s start. CONTENT MARKETING This strategy focuses on education to attract the buying behavior to sell products and services. Content marketing emphasizes the creation of well-designed information and descriptions to influence the customers so that they may take interest or purchase your product and services. The information about your product can be spread in various formats. For this purpose, you ...