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Do You Know Patti LaBelle’s Son Zuri Kye Edwards? What This Celebrity Kid Is Doing Now?

Patti LaBelle is the most popular singer in the USA who belongs to Bluebelles vocal group. She has produced many hit songs, including "On My Own, New Attitudes, Over the Rainbow, and Oh People." Zuki Kye Edwards is the celebrity child of Patti LaBelle and her ex-partner Armstead Edwards, a school teacher, and tour manager.   Family of Zuri Kye Edwards It was 17th July 1973 when Zuri K. opened his eyes to this amazing world. Zuri's name has been taken from the Swahili language, which means beautiful. He is the single child of his parents, born in Philadelphia, USA. However, Patti LaBelle and Armstead E. adopted two sons of their neighbour after his unexpected death.  Do you know the parents of Zuri K. adopted two more children, who were the kids of Patti LaBelle's sis...