Do You Know Patti LaBelle’s Son Zuri Kye Edwards? What This Celebrity Kid Is Doing Now?

Patti LaBelle is the most popular singer in the USA who belongs to Bluebelles vocal group. She has produced many hit songs, including “On My Own, New Attitudes, Over the Rainbow, and Oh People.”

Zuki Kye Edwards is the celebrity child of Patti LaBelle and her ex-partner Armstead Edwards, a school teacher, and tour manager.  

Family of Zuri Kye Edwards

It was 17th July 1973 when Zuri K. opened his eyes to this amazing world. Zuri’s name has been taken from the Swahili language, which means beautiful. He is the single child of his parents, born in Philadelphia, USA. However, Patti LaBelle and Armstead E. adopted two sons of their neighbour after his unexpected death. 

Do you know the parents of Zuri K. adopted two more children, who were the kids of Patti LaBelle’s sister? Yes! Their names are Dodd Stocker-Edwards and Stanley Stocker.

His Parents Marriage

Armstead E. had proposed to Patti L. several times to marry him, but she always denied and turned him down. Then, Patti L. herself proposed to Armstead E. later for marriage.

This could be the best moment of life for anyone to acquire his love partner. Was it not? So they married in Maryland in 1969 and lived without children for four years. 

The Separation Between His Parents

The relationship between Patti L. and Armstead E. was very strong and remained for thirty years. However, in the year 2000, they decided that they wanted to separate from each other. Armstead E. divorced the mother of Zuri K. and started to live separately.

Patti L. has said that she never had bad thoughts for her ex-husband as Armstead E. never disappointed her with his behaviour. They never had a physical fight between them. She was thankful to her husband for his love, respect, and friendly nature. 

Patti L. said in an interview that they separated from each other when they realized it was impossible to live together. According to R & B singer, things remained good even after the separation of Zuri’s parents, and it was never an abusive relationship.

In 2016, Patti L. dated forty-one years old drummer Eric Seats, but this couple could not remain together for more than a year, and now living her life alone as she mentioned on her Instagram.

Zuri Kye Edward Wife and Children

Zuri K. married Lona Edwards however, no more details are available about their wedding date and venue.

They have three children from this loving relationship; two daughters and a son. Their daughters’ names are Gia and Leyla, and a son, Zuri Jr. The interesting thing about his daughters is both have a single Instagram account.   

His Career in Music

Zuri K. works as a bodyguard and manager of his mother, Patti LaBelle. He has produced some musical tunes during his journey. 

The publishers have started talking about Zuri Kye Edwards just because of his talent and success in the music industry. However, nobody knows about the previous work of Zuri K. before that job.

Who is Lona Edwards?

Do you want to know about Zuri K.’s wife, Lona Edward? Let me tell you about her.

Lona Edwards is a famous personality who is best known as the wife of Zuri K. First, Lona E. was his girlfriend and both had great feelings for each other. Zuri K. decided to change this relationship into marriage to make it a more strong relationship.

Both are spending a happy life and no serious clashes have been reported on media between them until now. Their kids are the proof of this sweet, successful, and romantic relationship.

Attack on Zuri Kye Edwards at the Airport

In Nov 2013, Richard King attacked the face of Zuri Kye Edwards at the Houston airport terminal. After hitting, the guy shouted at his mother. KTRK TV testified that Richard K. was loud and furious when he hit Zuri K. and shouted a racial epithet at his mother. According to Zuri K., he has been hit on the right side of the face by Richard K.

Actually, in 2011, the bodyguard of Patti L. hit Richard K. at the Bush Intercontinental Airport and the incident was testified by Zuri Kye Edwards Following that, Richard K. documented an offence attack charge against Patti’s bodyguard, Holmes.

Before the court, the lawyer argued that Holmes was doing his duty to defend Patti L. Armstead E. and Patti L. also testified to her bodyguard’s comment and said he is very loyal and dutiful.

Patti L. said she reached Houston airport with her son and bodyguard to go for a trip to a Louisiana casino. Zuri K. was loading luggage into SUV while his mother was sitting in the limousine when Richard K. shouted at them and tried to enter the car.

Zuri K. tried to stop him but Richard K. punched him in the face badly which was also proved in the medical report. However, I think this was a bad incident in their life. What do you say about it?

Patti LaBelle’s Greatest Achievement

Patti LaBelle stated that her son is one of the big achievements in her life. She said that Zuri Kye Edwards is the best thing in her life besides musical success and she is very proud of her son.

The R and B singer said in an interview with an American magazine:

“The birth of my dear son was blessing for me. All the girls were teenagers and I was 29 years old in the ward. I said, will I able to walk again ever?’ It was a terrifying moment, giving birth, but such a fantastic output.”


This was very difficult to work with her young child but the hope that he would be the best for her motivated Patti L. Zuri K. never hurt his mother because he is very close to his mother’s heart and always respects her and obeys all orders.

Social Media Presence 

The Instagram account of Zuri Kye handles by his daughter but he often uses this account to share his family pictures.

Not any other social media account is associated with Zuri K. except his daughter’s Instagram account. Zuri K. is a friendly person who likes to pass time with his family & friends and doesn’t spend much time on social media platforms.  

Net Worth of Zuri Kye Edwards

Can you imagine the net worth of Zuri K. and his mother? If you have no idea, let me tell you about their assets. The mother of Zuri Kye Edwards is a rich woman as she is a star singer in the USA. She has been attached to the music industry for almost 50 years and has recorded many super-hit songs. 

Due to her remarkable achievements in life, she has earned a good wealth of  $60 million. The reason behind this big milestone is her hard-working and beautiful voice.  

However, Zuri K. has not achieved big success in his life yet as his career is not much voguish as his mother’s. As a manager of a multimillionaire mother, his assets are beyond the average person’s reach.

Height, Weight & Other Stats

Zuri K. is 48 years old guy with a height of 5 feet 9 inches. He is an American citizen and currently living in Philadelphia with his family.

He belongs to the Christianity religion with black ethnicity. The body weight of Zuri K. is unknown. Anyhow, his estimated weight is 80-90 kg, as his physical appearance reflects.


Zuri Kye Edward has not attained big achievements in his life but his aim is very clear and he is working hard for it. No doubt his mother is a big celebrity but still, he needs great success to create his own name instead of being known as a celebrity kid. 

 If you think I have missed anything about his life, you can mention it in the comment. Thanks for being with me. PEACE!