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Everything You Should Know About Jodie Sweetin and Her Daughters

Who exactly is Jodie Sweetin? Jodie Lee Ann Sweetin is an American actress and TV host best known for her role as "Stephanie Tanner" in the ABC comedy series "Full House." Jodie was born in Los Angeles, California on January 19, 1982. Her original parents were in prison at the time of her birth, so Jodie was raised by her Uncle Sam Sweetin and his wife Janice Sweetin. Early Childhood and Education Jodie Sweetin began taking ballet and tap dance lessons when she was three years old. Sweetin attended Chapman University after graduating from high school. During her high school years, Jodie met actor Mathew Morrison, with whom she appeared in a number of musical plays. Jodie Sweetin Spouses Jodie has married four times and has been engaged (which was later called off) at lea...