Top 5 Ways to Make Money in 2022

How to earn money in 2022

If you have a basic knowledge of computers then it is not difficult to earn money online in 2022 for you. There is no need to have a very strong command of computers or technology. Some basic skills are enough to earn money in 2022. Today I am going to tell you some basic skills and tactics to earn money by using your computer.

Gig economy

There are hundreds of websites that allow you to earn some extra money by using your skills. Some of the major marketplaces which on top today are:






I personally recommend Upwork among these marketplaces. Upwork is one of the best marketplaces for people to sell their skills by providing services. This is the best platform for newbies. We are discussing the gig economy which is the top-rated way of making money online and earning a passive income.   

You just need to sign up on these sites and make a gig or offer for clients. People contact you if you are good at your skill. There are a lot of skills and services which you can offer here: article writing, web development, graphic designing, SEO, report generation, website audit, data entry, and many more.


Mineprize is another best way of making money online in 2022. You don’t need to do anything. You just have to use your CPU power to run different tasks and get paid in return. There is no registration fee for mineprize. It is free of cost. You need your email id and password to sign up. After signing up you will be asked to load a specific page, use your resources and let the money roll in. You can earn $100 in a single month by performing some calculations on a computer.


Writing is the greatest way of earning money. A content writer can earn $500 to 2500$ per month by writing content for different websites and companies. Most people think that it is very difficult to work and need high-level English language but in actuality, it is not the reality. You don’t need high-level English language for this purpose. If you are good to speak the English language then you can write content and earn money.

There are different ways to earn money by using writing skills:

  • Create your own blog
  • Publish book  
  • Affiliate content
  • Script for videos
  • Write articles
  • Content for social media

NFTs and Cryptocurrency

NFTs and Cryptocurrency are other ways of making online earnings. It is becoming the fastest way of earning. Many people are earning through cryptocurrency. If you want to earn through cryptocurrency then you should read this article.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising method in which a company pays others. Bloggers advertise their products and increase sales. Bloggers write content about specific products and recommend that in their articles and encourage people to buy that product. In return, the product owner pays the blogger.

Here are some high paying programs:

1.            Elementor

2.            AWeber

3.            Sendinblue

4.            ConvertKit

5.            Leadpages

6.            GetResponse

7.            SEMRush

8.            Fiverr

9.            Pabbly


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