IFvod TV App: One of the Best Apps for Chinese Users to Watch TV & Movies

If you like to watch TV and movies on your mobile phone, then you should know about the IFvod TV app. This app was released by iFeng, a Chinese firm in 2014. Currently, this app is one of the top apps as it has 4 million downloads on Google Play. Do you want to know what has made it so popular? Here, I am going to describe some of the key features that make it awesome. 

What is IFVOD?

IFvod is an android app that allows users access to a big library of movies and TV programs. It has many popular titles. The most interesting thing about the IFvod Tv app is it has everything with English subtitles so that non-Chinese can also see programs on it.

There are various ways to use this app. These methods include daily passes or subscriptions. It can help you if you want to watch a single movie or program or if you want it on monthly basis. You have both ways two use this app. You also have an option to download movies and programs if you don’t have wifi at your home.

IFvod offers many payment methods for the ease of users. You can pay through PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. In addition to the use of the android application to stream on mobile, you also have options to use it on your desktop systems using desktop applications.

More than 50 million people are registered on this app through different platforms like android, apple, and PC. IFvod Tv App has more than 400 million downloads that reflect the popularity and interest of users in this app.

How do I use IFVOD TV app?

IFvod is a great Chinese app because it offers free and premium entertainment to its users. To use this app, you only need an android device. If you are not Chinese, you should make sure that the app has version 2.3 or late before installing the app.

After installing IFvod Tv app, you will have multiple options including movies, TV shows, news programs, and even games. If you feel bored anytime and need something interesting, IFVOD is the best option for you as it provides new things on daily basis. It’s simple to use just make sure you have some time set aside, so you don’t miss anything! 

Which Smartphones are Compatible with IFVOD?

There are different programs available similar to IFvod tv app but it has very less competitors. This app has been designed for all devices whether those are android and mac operating systems.  It gives you an opportunity to explore a large international media.

The reality is that the Chinese app is providing more content than other similar service providers like Netflix and Hulu.

How do I install IFVOD on my Android box?

The procedure is very simple. You need to go into the app store and download the app to your device. Allow your device to install this app and that’s it. If not, then there is no need to worry about simple change the setting of your device and allowing it to install the app. It will take a few minutes to set up.

How do I install the IFVOD app on my TV box?

First of all, select the suitable device that supports the IFvod tv app. You can check on the internet which devices support this app. If you have any trouble in determining the device, you can visit your local retail store to get information about it. After selecting your device, you need to follow the given steps:

Download and install APK from the play store or any other source that can open APK downloader.

Search the app, you want to install

Download and install it on your device

Get a reliable internet connection to your TV box

Enjoy the content from IFVOD

Which devices support playing videos from the IFVOD app?

There are multiple devices that support IFvod tv app. These devices include Android phones, Android TVs, and Amazon Fire Stick/TV. At present, our app is available on some Android phones (Android 4.0 and above), Android TVs (Android 4.2 and above), and Amazon Fire Stick/TV (Fire OS 5 and above).

However, there are many users who can’t get the advantage of this wonderful app due to some reasons. So what should they do? The solution is very simple and cheap. They should buy a cheap android phone or tablet. The experts recommend buying an android GO or Redmi 5A in china whose cost is 100$. The device must have good features like 3 GB ram and 16 GB ROM.