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IFvod TV App: One of the Best Apps for Chinese Users to Watch TV & Movies

If you like to watch TV and movies on your mobile phone, then you should know about the IFvod TV app. This app was released by iFeng, a Chinese firm in 2014. Currently, this app is one of the top apps as it has 4 million downloads on Google Play. Do you want to know what has made it so popular? Here, I am going to describe some of the key features that make it awesome.  What is IFVOD? IFvod is an android app that allows users access to a big library of movies and TV programs. It has many popular titles. The most interesting thing about the IFvod Tv app is it has everything with English subtitles so that non-Chinese can also see programs on it. There are various ways to use this app. These methods include daily passes or subscriptions. It can help you if you want to watch a single...