Do You Want to Grow Your Business With Free Instagram Followers?

Instagram has become one of the most attractive social platforms for many brands to promote their products and increase leads. Many brands try to get paid followers or free Instagram followers through different companies. However, there are different methods to get more and more Instagram and other social media followers to grow your business.

If you think that your Instagram presence is not as good as you want, it might be a good time to learn how to develop a strategy to make your social presence more attractive and get millions of followers. The more followers you have, the more opportunities to sell your products, services, or anything that you want.   

free instagram followers

There are different ways to get followers like paid or organic way. Nowadays many brands purchased followers through some service providers and even through Fiverr. No doubt, in this way they get many followers instantly but these followers can’t have the same worth as organic followers.

Here, I am going to tell you the 10 organic ways to increase your free Instagram followers. These methods are really experiment-based and give results for a long time to drive more traffic to personal or company’s website. Let’s start.

Best Ways to Increase Free Instagram Followers

Let’s discuss each method in detail.

Optimize Your Instagram Account

Before doing anything, make sure that your Instagram account is fully optimized. Let me explain to you how to optimize your account to get free Instagram followers. First of all, write a catchy brand bio and placed it on the homepage of your account.

Let the people know about your brand through the bio, image caption, username, and profile image. People never want to visit your profile until they don’t know about your brand. If you want to grow your business make sure that your bio has a link to your website that will help to drive traffic to your site. It is one of the crucial steps in optimizing your profile.

The second step in optimizing your Instagram profile is the best selection of username for your brand’s profile. Keep the username short and search-friendly and it should reflect your brand name or at least have part of the brand or company name.

If your brand or business name is longer, shorten it so that people can recognize it easily. The username should not have any special characters or numbers because it looks awkward. If possible, keep the same username as your other social media accounts have.

A well-optimized Instagram profile gets more free Instagram followers than compared to a non-optimized profile. There, I recommend all the new users optimize their profiles first of all.

Upload Content Regularly to Get Free Instagram Followers

Most people do the mistake of not updating content on Instagram i.e. worst thing is to get free Instagram followers. This is not a good practice. If you have gotten followers in the beginning then don’t let them forget about you. If you will not upload content regularly, they will forget about you.

To fight this, make a complete content posting schedule. Another important thing for big brands is that don’t upload too much content on the same day as it will look like spam. Upload content that is useful for your followers and keeps it consistent.

Almost 200 million Instagram users daily visit this social media platform, so to widen your circle, publish content throughout the day at intervals. It will help you to grow your business and free Instagram followers.

Schedule Instagram Posts in Advance

Another important factor in the optimization of Instagram accounts is post engagements. The Instagram logarithm has changed to show more content that users like, so publishing content at right time can give you more visibility and post engagements.

There are multiple ways to increase your visibility on Instagram and one of them is scheduling posts in advance. There are different SEO tools that can help you to get more visibility.

Scheduling posts in advance can help your team to see more campaigns and develop efficient content. Some jobs don’t need hard work but they require smart work. Techniques are always designed to do smart work to get the required results.

Get Partners and Brand Advocates to Post Your Content

As you are learning how to get free Instagram followers, you should know the importance of your audience. The more followers you get (paid or organically), the more chances you have to grow your business. 

The best method to get free Instagram followers is to be in front of them. It’s important to be present not only on your Instagram but also on others.  Try sponsored content to get your posts in customers’ feeds and let them see what you are selling. Another way it holds an Instagram contest is to show your brand to a large audience. 

Hiring some social media influencers is another good way to reach a larger audience. Social media influencers will spread awareness about your brand and help you to grow your business and free Instagram followers.

Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

There is a big difference between genuine Instagram followers and fake followers. Having too many purchased Instagram followers will decrease the chances of getting organic followers. 

There are some drawbacks to getting fake Instagram followers. If someone visits your Instagram account having thousands of followers but the feed is empty, it will down your account’s credibility.

Don’t deceive people for getting followers but build trust and relationships with your audience. If they will trust you, they will definitely follow you.

Do you think it would be worth it if you purchase Instagram followers? I don’t think so because people follow brands for a reason–to get information about things they like. These people are actually free Instagram followers who will spend time on your page and bring economic value to your brand.

If you have 100K Instagram followers but you are not getting likes, comments, and shares, what would be the benefit of your 100K followers? Purchased Instagram followers will only benefit if you have some real followers and you are uploading posts regularly.

Showcase your Instagram everywhere

Do you think people will find your Instagram account even if you are not promoting your Instagram account? Make sure that you have connected your account with the website and other social media networks.

Creating awareness is one of the best options to get discovered. If you really want to get free Instagram followers, lets people know about you. Spread awareness through websites and other social media networks about your brand.

The best way is to add social media buttons on your website so that people are easily directed toward your Instagram account.

Post Content That Followers Want

You might have listened to “Content is King”. It is very important to know what type of content your followers like to read. You may have seen that some contents perform better than other on social media.

You need to get attached to new trends on Instagram so that you can provide trending content to your followers. It will attract free Instagram followers to your account.

Further, you can use small SEO tools and Instagram analytics tools to find the best results. You should have a keen eye on the posts of your competitor. Take ideas from that and design your content according to that.