What is Web 3.0? – NEXT Generation Internet is Here!

Guys! Web 1.0 was the first internet that was treated as a newspaper. The users read the content only just like a newspaper and go to the next web pages. There was no option to interact with the web page containing certain content.

After Web 1.0, Web 2.0 was introduced in the world. It is the web that, we are using nowadays. YouTube and Facebook are involved in Web 2.0, where we can click on subscribe button and we can generate content. Similarly, using Facebook we can send or accept friend requests and deliver messages to each other.

Moreover, other social media platforms also play an important role in the interaction. But you are listening in these days about Web 3.0 which is becoming popular because it is well known as the Father of the INTERNET.

Why Web 2.0 is not Good?

Before discussing Web 3.0, I would like to tell you about the rare things that you don’t know about Web 2.0.

  • Only one or two big companies are ruling over the world of the internet. For example, Google is controlling almost 87% of searches, and Facebook which is now called Meta has reached almost 3.6 billion unique users. Here is a big problem who gave authority for the searches to such the biggest companies and to control the internet?
  • Moreover, do you know Guys? They use all data for the advertisement. Sometimes these ads are convenient but mostly they hit the privacy. That is also a major problem.

Top New Feature (iOS16.1.1) Introduced By Apple Company

I am going to tell you about an interesting thing that is happened recently. Apple Company has introduced a new feature iOS16.1.1, which allows users to choose the options themself that any app may track or not. Friends! It’s all due to privacy feature, which is only present in iPhone Apple.

Facebook felt a big issue regarding this feature and they estimated a possible solution, that a cost of almost 10 billion $ in the future.

Now, it is the time to take over the internet users and this is actually Web 3.0. But we have to know about DOB, which is an important part of Web 3.0.

DOB As an Important Part of Web 3.0

DOB is an important part of Web 3.0. Oh Yeah! I am not talking about Date of Birth, actually, DOB stands for Decentralization Open Source and Blockchain. I will discuss them one by one.

1) Decentralization

Here I am going to tell you in simple words about it. Its simplest meanings are that, all the power that big companies contain, should be distributed or divided into all.

2) Open Source

As android is an open source anybody can change or modify it. Similarly, we demand that Web 3.0 should be open source. If a user wants to change anything, he should be able or allowed to access any change.

3) Block Chain

It is the most secure technology through which your data will be stored confidentially. All the data will be in the form of chains so, it is not hacked easily and data will be safe.

Where Does Web 3.0 Term Come From?

Dear Readers! You have heard about cryptocurrency and know about it very well. One of the cryptocurrencies is ETHEREUM and founded by Gavin Wood. He is the person, who introduced Web 3.0. During his interview with social media, he says:

Web 3.0 is really a part of people and it will close them to do something great in the world of the internet”

Advantages of Web 3.0

Now, I will write here the major 5 advantages of Web 3.0 that make it more prominent.

1) Anonymous Single Sign-On

As we know, the internet which we are using nowadays, when to open a website when the site requires information for a sign-up. Similarly when you go on another website, then you have to submit your data again separately for a sign-up.

But Web 3.0 resolves this problem and gives you an Anonymous Single Sign-On. You have to create your user ID once and you can log in with this AS-Sign on for each website. Also, it is the safest way to log in and all the data will be secured.

2) Self Governing

Its meanings are very simple, users of any website can make a decision together for the set of rules for a particular website. For example, these days Facebook and Instagram websites set rules for the users and they have to follow them.

But using Web 3.0 you can reverse it, as a result, users will make their own settings or rules. One of the most interesting things is that there will be no sensor ship.

Sometimes we search for some specific, and then we have to take help from Google Assistance or any other voice assistance. At that time a particular sentence is used for the search or simply Keyword is written in the search bar.

To make it natural Web 3.0 introduced a new feature for the search as we talk with our close friends or family members. Our searches will be more real as compared to present search strategies.

By doing this there will be more natural search and you will not face SEO problems. All the users will use natural Keywords to get the required result.

Guys! It is very important to know here that, Metaverse is going to implement these all applications because there will be a separate virtual world and you will feel a different digital world by wearing VR Glasses.

4) Personalized Browsing Experience

When users open websites, these sites look the same these days. If we talk about the ads, these are also so personalized you can’t control these ads and you see always them on your computer screen.

Think! When you open a website and it starts giving you information as per your taste or interest then what will happen? You will control ads or you will see only ads of your own interest.

Yes, Friends, it is not an image it is going to become a real feature of Web 3.0 and it is called a personalized browsing experience.

5) Uninterrupted Services

I tell you clearly here that, a service gets down using the present Internet as you noticed recently about Facebook. People all over the world become confused and worried about this error in service issue by Facebook.

Web 3.0 actually wants to resolve this problem. As I have written in the above lines it is based on blockchain which means all the things are decentralized or distributed among all. So, in the future, we will not face these service down issues using Web 3.0.

The biggest websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will not face such issues in the future, because all the data will be decentralized in many computers. If one of the computers becomes faulty then other computers will perform their functions properly so service down issues will not occur.

It is the major advantage of Web 3.0 actually!

Friends! Here I would like to tell you about a fast browser named “BRAVE”. It is working according to Web 3.0 and introducing a new feature that is not followed by Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

When a user watches any video on YouTube or FB, only the admin of the channel or FB account holder earns from the advertisement. Ultimately user gets nothing!

But using the BRAVE web browser a user also earns by watching ads on YouTube, FB, and websites. A unique ID is allotted to a user for the earnings that can be converted into cryptocurrency. Because BRAVE admits the reality that a visitor is also spending his time on the browser so, he should earn.

Here a big question is raised, and that is, why has Web 3.0 not launched yet? Therefore, I have to discuss some drawbacks of Web 3.0.

Four Major Cons of Web 3.0

1) Ownership Concern

There is a big issue related to the ownership of websites using Web 3.0. In a decentralized system, it is not possible to have personal ownership of a website. According to Ex CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey says in an interview that

“A website may not have many owners, that is practically difficult and it can’t be decentralized. It should be centralized and a website should be under the ownership of a person, otherwise, problems will be faced.

2) Regulation Issues

There is another big issue and that is, if the system is decentralized then Cybercrime control may be lost and the situation may become worse.

3) Old Tech Industry Hardware

Web 3.0 will force and demand an upgradation in all types of businesses and hard wares.  All the old tech industry hard wares will be useless due to the main reason of the much-advanced feature-loaded Web 3.0.  If these things are not followed then, all the businesses would collapse and finish in the market.

4) Our Personal or Public Data will be Accessible

As we know that in Web 3.0 all the data is distributed so, it might be possible that our personal or public data will be in access to others. Besides this, it is also heard about Web 3.0 that data access is impossible as blockchain is more secure.

But, there is a clear justification for hacking because we know very well that Tech is hackable.

Bottom Lines

In the last lines, I would like to say that Web 3.0 is a theory and is not implemented yet. Actually, there are many supporters as well as haters of Web 3.0. It’s like a love or hate relationship between users and Web 3.0 but it is a reality that cryptocurrency and NFT are real images of this Web.

Similarly, Metaverse is also working hard on Web 3.0 and we will see our next generation using these popular applications in the future. If you think that I have left anything about Web 3.0 then, it is warmly welcomed in the comment box. Have a nice time.