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Visa and Mastercard face class action in the UK

  UK law firm Harcus Parker has launched a class action against payments giants Visa and Mastercard. The class action seeks to recover millions of pounds in damages for UK businesses. That has been affected by excessive fees imposed by Visa and Mastercard. Excessive fees for credit and debit card transactions Law firm Harcus Parker has brought charges against Visa and Mastercard. Claiming that they have breached EU competition rules by charging excessive fees for credit and debit card transactions. These transaction fees are imposed on merchants who accept card payments. And are often passed on to consumers in the form of additional fees. Charges against Visa and Mastercard refer to these transaction fees as "hidden taxes", as consumers are often not inf...

6 Key Points to Start a Small Business in 2022

key points to start small business What is important to start a small business? When you start a new business you face many challenges. But you don’t need to worry because here we are going to discuss the key points which are important to start a small business. 1. Business idea It looks a little bit obvious but you need to have a business idea that really works. The idea should be unique or around something that has not happened before. It will help you to build your customer base. You can design your business idea around solutions to any problem that is not available before in the market. After selecting a business idea do proper market research to check the validity of the idea and know about customer interest. The most important thing is that make something that can’t b...