What is Rizz Meaning on TikTok? What Does Having Rizz Mean

TikTok is a platform that provides services to millennials and Gen Zers. It has got popularity due to its short video clips, dances, and competitors. If you are also interested in the Tiktok app, the word “Rizz” will be familiar with you. The word Rizz has great importance in this app. But many people are unfamiliar to rizz meaning. We shall describe what is meaning of  Rizz on the Tiktok app and its purpose in this article.

What is Rizz Meaning?

The slang term “Rizz” is basically used on the Tiktok app. This term is used in different contexts and has great fame on Tiktok. The clear meaning of Rizz is not still found. But it is used to describe a great craze or overjoyed state of mind or an ecstatic state. Happy, excitement or craze of anything also uses to define Rizz. Other terms like “lit” and “turn” are like to word  Rizz.

How is Rizz Used on TikTok?

Uses of Rizz meaning on Tiktok are different. We can decide its meanings on context in which it is used. It used to describe a highly ecstatic state or addicted to anything. For example, you might say in video clip that I am feeling so Rizz right now. This shows that you are highly addicted of that thing. Remember that use of drugs is not encouraged on Tiktok and it is prohibited.

In some cases, it is also used to define happy or excited mood. For instance, you might say that this party is so Rizz. It will indicate that you are overjoyed and have a great fun time in the party. Confidence or empowerment also shows through use of the word “Rizz”. For example, you might say in video clips that I am feeling Rizz today. It indicates that you are fully confident to complete world. 

What Does Having Rizz Mean?

Different things by different people is best definition of Rizz. According to some people, being highly addicted or under the influence of drugs is “Rizz”. According to others, Rizz meaning being confident or excited or happy. Keep in mind that Rizz should not be used to promote use of drugs or any other harmful acts.

In addition, enjoying life or being happy and excited is also a definition of “Rizz”. Rizz is a term that encourages positivity and good vibes. It is important to note that having Rizz should not come at the expense of one’s health or well-being.

What’s ‘unspoken rizz’?

Ultra, rare and aspirational form of Rizz  is Unspoken Rizz. That is primarily when you are so attention-capturing and glorious with so much game. This helps you for attracting to your partner with your Rizz capability. If you think on your basis, it may be possible that you are also curious about it.

What rizz originally meant, and how it’s been remixed on the internet

On last june, cenat broke down the term on the “No Jumper”. Cenat described that this term was used as a word before. He used this word in just his friends circle privately. But after some time, it was used on Twitch stream , it got fame instantly. His fans showed weird responses.

This phrase got more popularity when users spammed it on TikTok in 2022. This had done through TikTok videos  and in comment sections.  According to Google, Users started to search this term in November and December. Now, this is on trending term around the world. On January 2023, the tag “Rizz” has gained over 6 billion viewers on Tiktok with different derivatives tags like “wrizz” and “rizzler”. They have more than hundreds of millions of clicks.

How to Use Rizz Appropriately on TikTok

We have already described that Rizz should not promote use of drugs or any other harmful acts. It is crucial to use of this term accurately and in suitable manners. Let us discuss some tips regarded how to use this term on Tiktok.

Use Rizz to describe positive feelings

Positive feelings like happiness, excitement or confidence can also show through term “Rizz”.

Avoid using Rizz to describe drug use

Prohibition of drugs must promote by rizz on Tiktok.

Use Rizz in the right context

Keep in  mind that it must use for right contexts. For example, avoid to use for serious topic or situations.

Be mindful of your audience

You should know your audience’ s interest. It may be possible that your audience do not know about “Rizz”. So, use straightforward speech for understanding of your audience.

Others terms like “ Rizz Check” and “ Rizz Walk” have become top trends on Tiktok. Show off your expensive shoes or sneakers is Rizz Walk. It also involves slow motion walk with background  rap song.

Showcasing your professions and assets is basically Rizz Check. This can be done through by giving tour of your house, car or other things. “lets do a Rizz Check “ is top trend statement for Rizz Check.

 Both these trends have become popular among Tiktokers. They want to show their property and achievements. But, it is just as a fun and do not overhelmed on yourselves.


At the end, the slang term “Rizz” means rich on TikTok. Basically it become popular for millionairs who have great luxuries and lavish lifestyle. It implies on successful ones who have great professions and assets.

If you are also interested in Rizz on Tiktok, make sure valuable content and  resonate your audience. Keep in mind that it is not necessary   that you are happy or content with your life for having Rizz. Focus on your well-being and personal improvement is important one.