The Complete Range of the iPhone 14 Colors and iPhone 14 Plus Colors

As the arrival of the iPhone 14 draws near, speculators have been wondering what hues the device will be available in. In this post, we shall delve into the potential schemes of the iPhone 14 colors, alongside hearsays and conjectures concerning Apple’s plans.

The Classic Colors

As is customary with each iPhone release, it is anticipated that some timeless shades will make a comeback. These are expected to comprise:


This color has long been a fixture of the iPhone collection, exuding a polished, refined air that seamlessly complements any outfit.


Another long-standing favorite among iPhone enthusiasts, this pristine color boasts a sleek and simple aesthetic that adds a touch of modernity to the device’s appearance.


Silver is a slightly more unique color that’s been popular in recent years. It has a cool, futuristic vibe that’s perfect for tech enthusiasts.


Gold is a luxurious color that’s always in style. It adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the iPhone and is especially popular among female users.

If you’re planning to buy an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro, one of the big decisions you’ll have to make is what color to buy. Head below as we rundown the color options for Apple’s entire flagship lineup, including the recently-announced yellow iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus colors

The two most cheap iPhone 14 models are the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. In addition to better performance, they have satellite communication, Crash Detection, and updated camera technology. They include a glass back and aluminum sides, Lightning for charging, and 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB of storage configuration possibilities.

The iPhone 14 starts at $799 and has a 6.1-inch display, while the iPhone 14 Plus starts at $899 and has a 6.7-inch display.

There are five distinct color options for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus:

  • Midnight
  • Purple
  • Starlight
  • (Product)RED
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Colors of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are at the top of Apple’s line of smartphones. The camera hardware on these smartphones has seen considerable enhancements, including a new 48MP update for the Main lens.

You’ll discover Apple’s newest A16 Bionic CPU inside, which is constructed using brand-new 4nm technology for increased productivity and performance. Satellite connectivity, Crash Detection, the brand-new Dynamic Island on the display, an Always-On screen, and many more features are also supported by both iPhone 14 Pro variants.

The design has matte glass on the back and stainless steel borders.

There are four possible colors for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max:

  • Silver (Updated)
  • Deep Purple
  • Space Black
  • Gold

Methods for Selecting Colors

If you use an iPhone cover, you might want to think about what color of the device would go best with it. You may use more subdued colors like Midnight or Starlight and then use a more vibrant casing.

Alternatively, you might go with a color for your Smartphone that stands out more, like Purple, and pick a cover that is more modest.

Starlight and Midnight, which is available across numerous iPhone generations, may age better over time when new devices, they launch since they are more neutral, almost monochromatic tones. If you don’t use a case at all, you might want to choose a more striking shade of color, such as Blue.

If you liked prior iterations of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, yellow could be a nice option for a strong design, especially when paired with the Canary Yellow Silicone Case.

The only colors available for an iPhone in a brand-new tint are Blue, Purple, and Yellow. The colors that are most obviously new and denote that you have the most recent version of equipment are Purple and Yellow, in particular.

Choosing a color may also be good for how frequently you upgrade your iPhone. If you update every year, you could feel more comfortable purchasing a more distinctive new color, but if you maintain your iPhone for a long time.

Moreover, it might be a better idea to take into account a color you previously liked if it is still available.

Apple Products

Customers who own many Apple products might also wish to get an iPhone in a color that matches their other products. For instance, the Purple iPhone 14 will go best with a Purple iPad Air or Purple iPad mini.

If you already own a Space Grey MacBook Pro, a Midnight iPhone 14 will probably go best with it. The Pink 24-inch iMac best complements the PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 14, and if you have a Starlight Apple Watch, it will definitely match the Starlight iPhone 14.

Conclusion: Are you pleased with the colors available for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro?

The problem is that Apple has been experimenting with color in recent years, adding at least one shade that is exclusive to each iteration of the iPhone. The iPhone 12 came in purple, the iPhone 13 had a hip-deep green color choice. And the iPhone 14 comes in purple and “deep purple” for the iPhone 14 Pro.

This year’s color scheme for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro looks just stunning. Have you got a preference? Post your comments with your ideas!