Who is Bridget Rooney? Family, Children, Husband & Net Worth

Bridget Rooney is one of the famous personalities in the entertainment field who was born on the 26th of April, 1962 in California, USA. She belongs to a rich family. Her parents were linked to the entertainment industry. It will not be wrong to say that she took birth with a spoon of gold.

Bridget is also known for her marriage to a famous businessman Bill Koch and the mother of Liam Costner. He is the son of well-known Hollywood star Kevin Costner.

So, let’s talk in detail about the career and family background of Bridget Rooney.

Biography of Bridget Rooney
Biography of Bridget Rooney

Do You Know Bridget Rooney?

Bridget Rooney is a famous American actress who got famous for her leading role in “Zombie or Not Zombie”. She soon left this industry and got retirement. After this, she joined some non-profitable organizations.

Her family has versatility and is linked to sports, politics, and the film world. Bridget is famous for two relations, one with Kevin Costner as her lover and the second with Bill Koch as her wife.

In 1840, the grandparents of Bridget R. were living beautiful life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The grandparents of Bridget R. are known for having the majority of the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team.

In 2011, Bridget and her husband Koch established an Oxbridge academy. This is a private school where celebrity kids got an education like the son of former US president Donald Trump. These things helped her to get more publicity.

Her Early Life & Family

Bridget R. was born on April 26, 1962, in California, USA. Her parents were well-to-do as they were working in the field of entertainment. Her grandfather, Art Rooney was the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The father and mother’s names Bridget are Tim Rooney and June Rooney respectively. Both were famous personalities in the USA.

If we talk about the siblings of Bridget, has two sisters Kathleen Mara and Margaret Galterio. Bridget is younger than both. She completed her secondary education in high school. After that, she took admitted to a public university in the USA to attain a degree of bachelor in business administration.

Tim Rooney: The Father of Bridget Rooney

As mentioned earlier, the father’s name Bridget is Tim Rooney while the mother’s name is June Rooney. Both have a strong presence in media as they are from the media industry. This was the reason for Bridget to come into the media. However, her parents are not part of this industry now.

Bridget’s Age

According to the reported date of birth of Bridget Rooney, she is 60 years old now. In the coming months, she will celebrate her 61st birthday. The age factor has not affected the personality of Bridget R. She looks still gorgeous and attractive and her beauty shines on the red carpet.

Bridget Rooney Marriage

Bridget R. married famous businessman Bill Koch in 2005 in Colorado. From this relationship, they have a daughter whose name is Kaitlin. Bridget Rooney is the second wife of Koch but she is happy with this relationship.

Bill Koch has a lavish lifestyle. He surprised his wife by giving her a 31-carat diamond ring. He purchased this ring from diamond magnate Francois Graff. Bill presented a million-dollar artwork gift of 3 semi-nude women to her wife. 

Bridget has another child named Liam Costner from her previous relationship with Kevin Costner. Bridget and Kevin spent a short time together and never thought about marriage. After the birth of Liam, it was acknowledged that Kevin is the legal father of Liam.

Bill Koch: Bridget Rooney’s Husband

Bridget Rooney married Bill Koch who is a popular American businessman. Bill is above 80 as he was born on 3rd May 1940 in the United State of America.

Bill was not as popular before marrying Bridget. After marrying he became more popular. Bill Koch is also famous for his luxurious lifestyle.

He belongs to a famous family and is well known for his business dealings and philanthropy. He has three brothers who are famous for their political roles. Currently, Bill K. is co-founder and CEO of an energy & natural resources company named Oxbow Corporation.

In his full career, he fought many high-profile legal battles. He faced many business cases and owns valuable artwork. No doubt, he has many controversies in his life but is still known for his rehabilitation work for education and other environmental causes.

Bridget & Bill’s Daughter

There is one daughter from the relationship between Bridget Rooney and Bill Koch. The name of the daughter is Kaitlin “K.K.” Koch. Before this relationship, Bill had three relationships having four children from those relationships. Bridget also became the stepmother of these children: Wyatt, Charlotte, William, and Robin.

Bill spent more than 20 years with his brothers Charles and David in business well-documentation. When they sold the shares of Koch industries, they changed Bill and eldest brother. This was highly reported in the media as a high-profile dispute in the business history of the USA.

Was Bridget Rooney Married to Kevin Costner?

Many people asked about the marriage of Bridget Rooney to Kevin Costner. The answer is “No”. They never married each other. However, they have a short relationship as a loving couple and have a son. At that time they were not husband-wife legally. The name of the son is Liam Costner.

After getting separated from Kevin, Bridget refused to accept Liam as her son but the medical test confirmed her maternity later.

Kevin Costner’s Son

Bridget Rooney and Kevin have a son named Liam Timothy Costner who was born on November 15th, 1996. Liam has many siblings from his father’s side. Ha has maintained his private life and unfortunately, there is not much information available about his career or relationships publicly.

In my personal opinion, there is not much information about the relationship between Bridget Rooney with Mickey Rooney. No data is disclosed now about the relationship between these two individuals.

Mickey Rooney is not alive now. He was a famous American actor, comedian, and producer who worked in more than 300 movies. In the 20th century, he was one of the popular Hollywood stars.

Mickey was famous for his versatile personality. He performed as various characters like musicians, comedians, and drama artists. He enjoyed 93 years of his life and finally passed away in 2014. We could not find any relationship between Mickey to Bridget.

Net Worth

As you know, Bridget belongs to a rich family and has a shining career in the media industry. According to the available reports, she has a net worth of $2 million in 2022. She is a member of the Rooney family having an NFL team worth $2.7 billion.

Bridget’s husband is the CEO of Oxbow group whose estimated worth is $1.8 billion (according to the reports 2019). She is living a luxurious life as the wife of a billionaire.

Physical Appearance

Bridget Rooney is 60 years old beautiful American actress who still has an attractive personality. She has maintained his figure and looks gorgeous.

Bridget’s average height is 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm. She weighs around 68 kg as she has maintained her figure and taking a proper diet.  

Bridget takes exercise regularly and has a perfect body shape. She has white skin with attractive eyes. Her dark brown hair adds more beauty to her personality.

Social Media Presence of Bridget Rooney

Social media platforms are the sources to get information and pictures of famous celebrities for their fans. Unfortunately, the social media of Bridget Rooney is quite disappointing for the fans. Because she is not active on social media including Facebook and Instagram.

Bridget has kept herself away from social media. However, she is active on Twitter and has a private account. She joined Twitter in 2009 with the username of “BridgetKoch”. There are 280 followers on her account.


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